CubiX Dimensioning System

CubiX Dimensioning System

CubiX Dimensioning System

LTS Scale's CubiX cargo-dimensioning system uses advanced technology to measure the cubic volume displaced by a pallet of cargo. Data is captured and transmitted wirelessly in a format compatible with automated warehouse management systems. The NTEP-certified CubiX allows trucking and logistics companies to recapture lost revenue, optimize loads and document the condition and location of cargo to minimize freight disputes.

Fast, Reliable 3D Imaging

CubiX captures 3D dimensions in approximately 2 seconds and returns to ready status within approximately 4 seconds. CubiX technology generates a point cloud representation of the precise dimensions of the measured cargo. If requested, a date/time stamped photograph can be captured for cargo verification.

Software Integration

The CubiX features LTS Scale's proprietary software and provides forklift operators with system status and the ability to trigger the system wirelessly using an onboard computer. Data is then transferred wirelessly either back to the triggering device to be packaged with other operating data or directly to the customer's warehouse management system.

Installation, Maintenance and Support

The CubiX is easy to assemble and install, and fully supported by our customer service team and local distributors. The CubiX is shipped in an easy-to-assemble kit and installed by an authorized LTS Scale distributor. With no moving parts, the system requires very little maintenance and can be serviced locally by your LTS Scale distributor.