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LTS Scale Is Dedicated To Supporting Our Distributors

LTS Scale has renewed its focus on the distributor channel with new products and sales incentives, as well as a dedicated inside sales representative. We offer comprehensive support for distributors through a 24-hour Knowledge Base, parts and service support between 8 am and 5 pm EST, and technical support between 8 am and 8 pm EST.

Which Industries Can Benefit from LTS Scale Products?

LTS Scale offers products that can benefit a wide range of industries by improving operational efficiently and generating additional revenue.

Which Industries Can Benefit from LTS Scale Products? Details

LTS Scale lift truck scales improve efficiency by reducing unnecessary traffic, free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for floor scales, provide Legal for Trade weights, and enable new work flows in a variety of operating environments. Industries who can benefit from the "Lean Manufacturing" options provided by LTS Scale's products include:

  • LTL Trucking uses lift truck scales to weigh pallets, transmit data wirelessly and automatically re-bill customers when measured weight exceeds the amount on the bill of lading
  • Airlines and the military use lift truck scale to verify cargo weights for aircraft
  • Scrap dealers and scrap-generating metal forming companies use lift truck scales to verify weights while avoiding the traffic problems, inefficiency and lost floor space with floor scales
  • Wholesale grocers, produce companies and other food companies use lift truck scales to verify that palletted orders are complete
  • Chemical companies use lift truck scales to verify drum quantities and measure waste volumes for hazardous materials disposal

Why Your Customers Should Buy LTS Scale Products

LTS Scale has a long history of being an innovation leader in the mobile weighing industry. We are only getting started.

Why Your Customers Should Buy LTS Scale Products Details

LTS Scale established a tradition of innovation with the introduction of a lift truck mounted scale in 1994 and quickly became the industry leader in mobile weighing. Our focus on the future continues to this day, as evidenced by a host of new products, including the High-Vis scale, a new line of indicators, new wireless communication options and a state-of-the-art dimensioning system.

LTS Scale's Value Proposition 

  • Focus: Lift truck scales is our business!—we pride ourselves on providing superior service, quality and customization vs. competitors
  • Service: Standard new scale orders generally ship with1-2 week lead times
  • Customization: LTS Scale can customize scale systems for unique applications and support scale-related IT development
  • Quality: High quality scale bases designed for the most rugged environments
  • Serviceability: Designed for field serviceability with field-replaceable flexures, load cells and electronics
  • Easy Installation: 10 Step installation process can be completed in under two hours

Distributor Support

We have tailored a support network just for Distributors, including an inside sales representative dedicated to you.

Distributor Support Details

LTS Scale is committed to building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with our distributors. As an LTS Scale distributor, you receive discounts on parts purchases and referrals on sales and service opportunities. We also provide technical support online and through our technical service staff from 8am to 8pm EST.

To learn more about the benefits of distributing LTS Scale products and future service opportunities, including installation of dimensioning systems for LTL carriers, contact our Inside Sales for Distributors, at 330-425-0545 or at sales@LTSscale.com.