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Bet You Can't Buy Just One

May 2, 2017

Are you being paid for all your scrap metal? A large manufacturer of metal products who was selling their scrap metal asked themselves this very question. Richmond Hydraulic, an LTS Scale distributor, provided the answer.

Following an assessment of the metal parts manufacturer’s production facility, it was determined that two issues needed to be addressed: a method to determine when the dumpster was full and the total weight of materials in the dumpster when it was picked-up. Richmond Hydraulic recommended an LTS Scale lift truck scale system as a solution.

The metal parts manufacturer began by purchasing a single scale to determine if this method was viable. Within two weeks they were convinced and purchased three more scales to outfit their fleet of lift trucks that were used to dump scrap metal into the dumpster. In addition to accurately weighing and tracking the scrap metal placed in the dumpster, the lift truck scales eliminated the need for space-eating and time-consuming floor scales.