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Creating value for your customers

June 7, 2018

Installing a mobile weighing system on a lift truck can do more than eliminate the costly bottlenecks and loss of productivity that result from using floor scales. They also add value to your warehouse and logistics customers in other ways.

For instance, an LTS lift truck scale outfitted with a thermal barcode printer adds the ability to print barcode labels with weight and other customer-specific information, all from the cab of the lift truck.

Productivity adds up to profits.

To illustrate, let’s use as an example of a medium size company with a fleet of six active lift trucks in operation each day. On average they complete 50 moves per forklift per day (@6/hour) that require weighment. By using the LTS lift truck scale system, they can achieve a savings of 3 minutes off the time it takes to move the load to a typical floor scale location. That is a daily labor savings of 15 hours (6 trucks x 50 weights x 3 minutes / 60 minutes = 15 hours) or two fewer lift trucks and the personnel that is currently used.

Assuming $30 per hour of fully loaded labor cost, annual cost savings of approximately $125,000 are possible ($30/hr x 2,080 hours x 2 people). In this scenario, by installing scales on four lift trucks, your customer would be able to complete the same number of forklift moves that it previously took six lift trucks to accomplish. By eliminating two lift trucks and their associated expenses, your customer would earn a payback on their investment in less than three months!

Small adjustments create new opportunities.

Change happens. How your customers adjust can shift their business and accelerate growth or leave them playing catch up. With a mobile weighing system, the lifting, weighing, counting, accumulating and transporting of a load is accomplished as a single efficient operation. Adding this technology to their operation not only makes sense, but it can also add up to dollars and cents.

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