LTS Scale Keeps Customer Above Water - Distributors Blog Post

LTS Scale Keeps Customer Above Water

March 1, 2017

When used in a production facility, a scale system must be manufactured to withstand harsh environments while continuing to perform accurately. A customer in the pet food industry reached out to LTS Scale this past fall looking for a scale system that was rugged enough to stand up to daily wash-downs that are performed after each use in their dog food processing plant.

While LTS Scale offers add-on products engineered to guard against wet conditions, we had never created a scale for a complete wash down application. So we turned to our strategic partners and completed research on a variety of products with high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings to find a solution. Through collaboration, we were able to engineer and manufacture a scale system that would deliver the IP68 rating needed to solve the problem for our customer.

Through ingenuity and a focus on “what’s next”, LTS Scale can deliver solutions to any market that utilizes a lift truck in their supply chain. Our scales measure your success.