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Recognizing a Lift Truck Scale Opportunity

Nov 22, 2016

Lift truck scales are used extensively in the LTL trucking market but are also very useful in a variety of other industrial environments. Scale distributors sometimes wonder how they can recognize an opportunity to sell a customer a lift truck scale rather than a floor scale.

Lift truck scales are engineered products and generally cost substantially more than floor scales. However, despite their higher cost they can add substantial value in many circumstances and provide the customer with a high return on investment. What factors would indicate an opportunity for a fork lift scale sale?

• Limited Floor Space: Growing companies, where space is a premium, can ill-afford to dedicate non-productive space to a floor scale. Floor scales take up not only their own dedicated floor space but also the traffic lanes used to access them. This space can be recovered for productive uses when the customer switches to a lift truck scale.

• Efficiency: Companies that are focused on efficiency throughout their operations recognize that if weights can be taken in the normal operational workflows, rather than in time-wasting diversions to a floor scale, the company will be more efficient and save money.

• Lean Focus: Companies dedicated to lean practices recognize, for the reasons above, that lift truck scales will conserve resources and reduce wasted space, both hallmarks of lean operational practices.

• Lift Truck Traffic: Companies with substantial lift truck traffic benefit from lift truck scales by cutting down on unnecessary traffic to and from floor scales. This improves safety and efficiency.

• Industries: Many industries use onboard weighing to solve any number of problems. Some examples:

  • LTL Trucking: Used for pallet weight verification and automated rebilling for overweight pallets.
  • Scrap producers/dealers: Those who generate or deal in scrap need efficient ways to measure scrap leaving and entering their facilities.
  • Air Freight: Air freight must be precisely weighed to meet FAA safety standards.
  • Wholesale Food/Grocery: Companies use lift truck scales as a quality control step to verify that mixed pallets contain complete orders.
  • Chemical Companies: Chemical companies use lift truck scales to verify incoming and outgoing weights of barrel-packaged chemicals. This can be an important control measure in their hazardous waste disposal chains.
  • Paper Companies: Lift truck scales are used to verify quantities and shipping weights.
  • Mining/Aggregate Companies: Verification of quantities and shipping weights.

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